November 12, 2013

There are few pieces more iconic when it comes to childhood play than the classic rocker. This being said, classic takes quite a variety of shapes both in vintage rockers and today's fresh, new designs. 

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In addition to our diverse collection of vintage rockers, new interpretations such as Iranian-American designer Sina Sohrab's 2010 piece Rocking Horse, made of laminated ash, strip this toy down to curved, skeletal lines and engages us to reimagine our own childhood fantasies in a way that is both simple and haunting.

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We've also recently been eyeing this chic rocker by Bo Reudler Studio,  first presented at Dutch Design Week in 2011.  In contrast to Sohrab's delicate structure, this sturdy rocking horse made of raw oak evokes fairytale pageantry, but still leaves room for the child's imagination.  

Image by  kinder MODERN

Image by kinder MODERN

Looking for a rocker that channels a different animal? This royal birdie by French furniture designer and artist Creme Anglaise boasts eco-friendly recycled wood, smooth clean lines, and can be left unfinished or painted to match your aesthetic.  
These lovingly handcrafted pieces are an incredible addition to any design-forward nursery or playroom.  Be sure to check out all their fabulous products, including silly pillows and dainty nature-inspired mobiles. 



We can't help, however to love the historical vintage rockers in our own kinder MODERN inventory. Collected for their simple lines and bold forms, one of our new favoritesis the Creative Playthings Rocker designed by Gloria Caranica circa 1970.  We also can't get enough of the bright whimsy and imagination-inspiring amorphous shape of our 1960's orange plastic "Duk Rocker" from France.  Looking for something a little different than a traditional hobby horse? The 1960's rocking chair by Cosco Household Products boasts an aluminum base and original vinyl houndstooth seat fabric.  Interested in learning more about these or any of our piecesEmail us for an appointment by phone or in our NYC showroom! 

Do you (or did you) have a favorite rocker? How do your kids incorporate their rocker into play?