Arty ABC's By Damien Hirst

October 7, 2013

Damien Hirst, known for his extravagant and eclectic art, has recently ventured into children's literature, publishing an alphabet primer featuring his work.  While pieces like his 2007 sculpture "For the Love of God," which consists of real human teeth and over 18,000 diamonds, may seem out of place in a kid's book, the decontextualizing of these pieces allows for new and interesting interpretations by our littlest artists.

Six year old painting prodigy Aelita Andre reviewed the book for the Huffington Post, and she was no easy critic, immediately suggesting changes, including unicorns and a more specific title, to the simple polka-dot cover. However her thoughts on the diamond skull? Only praise, "Really creative. I love it! I never thought you could make a skull out of diamonds!"

Have you bought Hirst's book for your little ones? What did they think?