January 15, 2015

The humble building block not only inspires the imaginations of children, encouraging them to build and create, but influences designers and artists alike with its creative potential. Our favorite building block inspired pieces may seem simple in their construction, but are complex in their final form and function. Dirk Vander Kooij’s Diffuser Cabinet, fashioned on a mathematical principle, improves a room’s acoustics, but resembles a childhood puzzle or tower. Stephan Ormandy’s curving, organic sculptures remind us that the block can take on many manifestations. We also love Dinosaur Designs' (Ormandy and his partner’s, Louise Olsen’s, design studio) limited edition Atelier Resin Puzzle that begins as a cube and can be rearranged into endless structures. Sebastian Errazuriz experiments with blocks in his compelling sculptural furniture, including the Wave and Explosion cabinets. Looking for some out of the ordinary building blocks for children? Check out the Safari Blocks by Soopsori - fun to stack and fuel for the imagination. 

Have a favorite piece of art inspired by building blocks? Want to share with us your favorite set (for kids or adults)? Show and tell us on Twitter or Instagram. @kinderMODERN