December 19, 2014

Small Stories: At Home in a Doll’s House premiered this week at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, England and we just can’t get enough of this extensive and thoughtfully curated exhibition, housed in theMuseum of Childhood and running through September 2015. Iconic dollhouses from the museum’s collection, combined with unique narratives, explore the history and changing boundaries of the family home through the stories of each house’s fictional or historical inhabitants. But what we love most of all is the exhibit’s “Dream House” installation, comprised of miniature rooms created by contemporary artists and designers. Each tiny space is a unique dreamscape, exploring the designer’s ideal, and often fantastical, room. Visit the museum’s website to read more about each project. 

The V&A Museum of Childhood is located on Cambridge Heath Road in London, England. It is open daily from 10am-5:45pm and admission is free.