June 19, 2014

We couldn’t be more excited when we find one of our favorite artists dabbling in child design. The following pieces by iconic pop artists combine the sophistication and nuance of high design with the small scale, kid-friendly appeal and functionality of child art and design. Whether a one of a kind art piece or a limited edition toy for kids to enjoy, we can’t get enough.


Jeff Koons. Split-rocker. USA, 1999. Polychromed aluminum. 

Image from  allmodern.com

Image from allmodern.com

Karim Rashid for Offi. Kapsule Chair. Plastic. 

Image from  littlecollector.com

Yayoi Kusama. Pumpkin. Silk-screen nylon pillow. 

Image from rxart.com

Image from rxart.com

Image from  marc-newson.com

Image from marc-newson.com

Marc Newson. Bunky Bunk Bed. 2011. Molded polyethylene.

Image from  damienhirst.com

Image from damienhirst.com

Damien Hirst. Mickey. 2012. Household gloss on canvas.