February 12, 2016

Image from  benjaminhelle.com

Maybe this dreary winter weather has us wishing for spring and outdoor fun, but we’re loving the idea of an indoor swing! Two of our favorites are Rafa’s simple “S” swing, designed by Agata and Arek Seredyn. Made in the Netherlands from Finnish Birch Plywood, it can be attached to the ceiling for indoor play or tied to a branch once summer comes. Visit Rafa’s website to get one of your own! 

BAL(L)ANÇOIRE by French designer Benjamin Helle is more than just an indoor swing, it’s, in the words of the designer, “an interpretation of a desert island.” Playful, yet sophisticated, it’s perfect for anyone searching for a vacation in the everyday. Visit Helle’s website to see his sketches and learn more about his fascinating design process. 

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