June 8, 2015

Image from  Instagram @shapekit

ShapeKit, a new app for iPad by c+y, takes the “creative” app for kids to a whole new level, incorporating geometry lessons and a unique tactile “maker” experience. Inspired by the simple shapes and bold colors of Bauhaus design, the app first teaches children about shapes and their mathematical properties. Children can connect and merge the shapes to create an infinite number of designs, objects, and landscapes. These creations can then be brought to life with a stop-motion animation feature. ShapeKit goes above and beyond the normal “drag-and-drop” art app by requiring the child to think about and mimic the physical act of building. In an interview with TechCrunch, the designers said, “The mechanical features, such as hole punches to create joints and merging shapes together, aimed to emphasize the physicality of creation. We want children to feel like they are building an object that can move and come to life, not just drawing on a screen.” Check out the KidKit website to learn more about this imagination inspiring app.