April 15, 2015

Spongebob , 2014 by Michael Massaia. Image from  artsy.net

Spongebob, 2014 by Michael Massaia. Image from artsy.net

Michael Massaia: Scenes from a Childhood is currently on display through May 2, 2015 at Gallery 270 in Englewood, NJ. Including work from four original portfolios, each series examines childhood experiences that linger in our recollection for many years, shaping our memories and influencing nostalgia. Massaia's work also explores the often lonely and isolated life of a budding artist whose work is not yet understood by his family and peers. Of the four portfolios, we're drawn to Transmogrify and the Passing of Things, a series of brilliant color photographs depicting melting ice pops. We love the unexpected and dark beauty in these unusual still-lives, as well as the the melancholic nostalgia evoked. Check out the gallery's Artsy site to see images from all the portfolios, including Afterlife, haunting photos of the boardwalk at the Jersey Shore, and Quiet Now, a subtle testament to childhood ritual and family. 

Gallery 270 is located at 10 North Dean St. in Englewood, NJ. The gallery is open Tuesday-Saturday 11am-6pm.