November 25, 2015

Lenka Clayton, a Britsh-born artist living in Pittsburgh with her young family, has embraced motherhood as both an inspiration for her art and a defining feature of it. In 2012 she founded An Artist Residency in Motherhood to explore the issues facing mothers who are also working artists. In her own words, "Artist residencies are usually designed as a way to allow artists to escape from the routines and responsibilities of their everyday lives. An Artist Residency in Motherhood is different. Set firmly inside the traditionally 'inhospitable' environment of a family home, it subverts the art-world’s romanticization of the unattached artist, and frames motherhood as a valuable site, rather than an invisible labour for exploration and artistic production." As part of this structured and fully funded residency, Clayton's 63 Objects From My Sons Mouth examine the passage of everyday life in the smallest of objects. Visit Clayton's captivating website to see more of her fascinating work.