August 20, 2014

We had a great time checking out all the cool products at NY NOW. Here are a few that caught our eye!

Image from  brandnewnoise.com

Brooklyn-based Brand New Noise by Richard Upchurch makes adorable handmade voice recorders and other "creative sound gadgets" that let the kid musician in all of us experiment and play.  

Image from  ekkoworkshop.com

Image from ekkoworkshop.com


These incredible modern mobiles by Portland, OR artist Matthew Richards of Ekko Workshop are super sophisticated, while maintaining a strong sense of play.  

Image from  candylabtoys.com

Image from candylabtoys.com

We've been fans of Candylab Toys since we first saw their Kickstarter campaign. Their sleek modernist feel combined with a commitment to sustainability through their heirloom, wooden toys is truly remarkable.

Image from  pineveryday.com

Image from pineveryday.com

The Bop wall mounted multi-purpose hanger by NTP design and PIN Everyday is a fresh, clean way to get almost anything up off the floor and into its proper place.

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