February 3, 2014

Jurgen Steenwelle, a graphic designer from the Netherlands, leaves a special surprise for his daughter in her lunch-box everyday: a one-of-a-kind drawing on her banana. Steenwelle finds inspiration in the natural shape and color of each fruit, and uses a ball-point pen to render his art before snapping a photo with his phone.  Be sure to check out all his banana art on Instagram @Jsteenwelle

Image from @Jsteenwelle

Image from @Jsteenwelle

Of course, Steenwelle’s whimsical fruit is not the first artistic interpretation of the humble banana; it is a recurring motif in pop art and children’s design. Here are some of our favorites: 

Image by Andy Warhol

Image by Andy Warhol

Pop art master Andy Warhol’s iconic and controversial banana started the trend in the 1960s. 

Image from  nobrow.net

Image from nobrow.net

Contemporary interpretations include Andy Rementer’s bananas, featured on this delightful wrapping paper for Nobrow.

Image from  indikidual.com

Image from indikidual.com

Indikidual’s sweet and subtle grey banana print can be found on onesies, jumpsuits, and this adorable bathing suit for little ones. 

This handmade children’s tee from TheTinyFarmer is uber hip. 

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