November 20, 2014

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Traveling for Thanksgiving? Don’t forget to take a minute away from the holiday bustle and rush to look around you and be grateful - even if you’re stuck in an airport! In the last decade, as increased airport security has forced travelers to spend more time in the terminals, and more government funds have been allotted for large scale art installations, airports have become thriving centers for public art. 

If you’re traveling to the Bay Area, be sure to check out A World of Characters: Advertising Icons from the Warren Dotz Collection at SFO. This diverse collection of advertising mascots from a private collector depicts the history, proliferation, and importance of these characters in 20th century culture. The brightly colored toys will certainly serve as a distraction (even if brief) for fussy little ones and a great start to a discussion about “What is art?” for older children. 

Other airports with large-scale art installations include MiamiSan Diego, and Dallas-Fort Worth. Be sure to share any airport art you see with us on Instagram and Twitter! @kinderMODERN