Kids at Frieze London

October 18, 2013

Thanks to the ever-amazing work of London curator Nicola Lees, art and design for children and by children will take center stage at this year's Frieze Projects.  In an insightful interview by Artspace, Lees talk about her desire to develop a larger audience by removing the subjective constraints of age.  This year's show features two major kid-friendly and kid-inspired pieces.  

The first, a playground by Greek designer Angelo Plessas, houses activities and games for children ages 5-12, but welcomes kids of all ages into its unique interactive space for the family.  We love the way this simple, neutral space becomes a background for both the physical and artistic manifestations of a child's imagination.  Be sure to check out: Temple of Play.

The second, a work by Emdash award-winning Finnish artist Pilvi Takala, worked with a group of kids to develop an idea for a her Frieze project. Be sure to check out these precious videos of her "Committee" and their truly inspiring ideas before heading to their website to read about the final project! (a five star bouncy house!!)

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